Friday, October 16, 2009

Cute Cockatiel Videos: Proof of These Little Birds' Unique Personalities

I loved Loki from the moment she flew into my life, but I fell in love with the cockatiel species when I started watching cockatiel videos on youtube. When watching these videos, I often find myself laughing out loud at their antics and am in awe of how smart these birds are.

Each cockatiel has its own personality, distinct from the next. Some are extroverts with wild and feisty personalities. Others are introverts and are more quiet.

Diane Grindol, author of "Cockatiel for Dummies," has said "I've had about 200 cockatiels come and go in my life, and, as far as I can tell, they had 200 different personalities."

It is easy to fall in love with cockatiels by simply watching videos of them. Following, I have included some of my favorite cockatiel videos from the web. Enjoy them and notice the different personalities each little tiel has.

Cockatiel singing do re mi to baby lovebirds (and the spoon)

Sunny the Cockatiel has quite alot to say

Punky boy

Cockatiel dancing

Cockatiel barking

Cockatiel singing The Adams Family Song

Cockatiel dancing to rap music

Cockatiels love head rubs

Cockatiel plays peekaboo

Cockatiels rule the roost

A fearless cockatiel

Cockatiel feeds the dog

While each cockatiel has its own unique personality, it is safe to say that everyone of them loves their owner and LOVES head rubs!

Cockatiels are intelligent, inquisitive, friendly little birds. They have stolen my heart and I will forever be crazy for cockatiels.

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