Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Bird Manic: Why cockatiel owners fall in love with the species.

Recently, I was searching the web for an interesting story about cockatiels. What I found was a man who rivals me on the crazy for cockatiels scale. Actually this guy, Sarawut Kreedumrongsak of Bangkok may be more crazy for cockatiels then I am.

Kreedumrongsak is absolutely transfixed with these birds and people have come to refer to him as khon bah nok, which translates to "bird maniac."

The name perfectly suits him as he currently owns 200 cockatiels.

Kreedumrongsak's home even resembles a large aviary where his 200 cockatiels live in harmony with Kreedumrongsak, his mother, and his sister.

His home has come to be called "The House of Crested Birds," due to the crest or what I call the mohawk of the cockatiel species.

Kreedumrongsak has devoted all his free time to taking care of and loving these birds.

"I am in love with cockatiels because of their striking traits and gentle temperament. Compared with other kinds of parrots, cockatiels are less aggressive. In fact, they are rather quiet. I don't like to live in a noisy environment. The sounds made by cockatiels are melodious," Kreedumrongsak said in the Bangkok post article.

But Kreedumrongsak is not alone in his love for cockatiels.

Every time I talk to another tiel owner, find something tiel related online, or read another tiel blog I find owner after owner expressing their infatuation with the species.

It appears these little birds have not only stolen my heart, but just about everyone's they have come in contact with.

What is it about cockatiels that makes owners fall so in love with the species?

One reason is that cockatiels have such awesome personalities and some really great traits including:
  • Intelligence
  • Friendliness
  • Activeness
  • Spunkiness
  • Easily domesticated (a.k.a easily "humanized").
  • Lovable
Many cockatiel owners love their birds so much that they devote huge chunks of their lives to their birds.

For example, Kreedumrongsak wakes up every morning at 5 A.M. to take care of his cockatiels and he spends approximately four hours just taking care of his birds each day.
I am always thinking about Loki, taking care of Loki, or playing with Loki in my free time. She is like my child.

Cockatiels are so easily "humanized" that it is not difficult for them to be viewed as children.
The main reason cockatiels have stolen so many hearts is because they show us, their owners what love is, keep us grounded, and keep us peaceful; they are our friends.

"I enjoy all of my roles. They keep me healthy and happy," Kreedumrongsak said with a wide grin.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this charming story. I've had tiels since 97. I fell in love too. Godfrey of compudoc in South Africa is also an internation tiel enthusiast. I found his tiel web cam back in early 2000s. He's named his tiels partners in his software company! I love hearing of men whose hearts are touched by these little angels.