Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cockatiel Clubs

Membership in a cockatiel club can be a great way to learn more about you bird and allows you to get together with other people who love cockatiels.

There are numerous cockatiel clubs out there including:
  • The American Cockatiel Society

  • The National Cockatiel Society

  • The North American Cockatiel Society

These clubs often have many branches located throughout different states. For instance, The American Cockatiel Society has three chapters in Florida.

The American Cockatiel Society is "dedicated to education for the pet owner, breeder, and exhibitor." The club was founded in 1977 and costs $21 dollars a year in membership dues.

Benefits of ACS include:

  • A quarterly magazine that discusses everything you need to know about cockatiels.

  • An ACS chat forum on yahoo that allows cockatiel owners to communicate with one another.

  • Provides imformation on color mutations pertinent for showing your cockatiel.

  • Provides detailed information about upcoming cockatiel shows.

  • Experienced advisors at your disposal for all your cockatiel questions.

The National Cockatiel Society is a non-profit oganization that has been around for 25 years. It provides imformation about cockatiels to owners and breeders. Membership dues are $20 dollars a year.

Benefits of NCS include:

  • Photo galleries and videos of cockatiels.

  • Information on showing cockatiels and a calender of show dates.

  • An online store to order anything, including shirts and totes with cockatiels on them.

  • The NCS journal, which is published every two months.

  • Members can particpate in club only raffles and contests which occur semi-annually.

The North American Cockatiel Society was established in 1997 and is dedicated to the education of the cockatiel pet owner. They currently have 254,645 "cockatiel lovers who have perched at their club." Unlike other cockatiel clubs which focus more on exhibition and the showing of cockatiels, The NACS focuses on the pet cockatiel.

Benefits of NACS include:

Whichever society you choose to join you will reap enormous benefits from your membership in a cockatiel club.

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