Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Perfect Perch

The irony of finding the "perfect" perch is that there is no one perch that can suffice all the needs of your cockatiel. It is best to purchase a variety of perches. Your cockatiel's cage should include:
  • Wood Perches, which are great for cockatiels feet and are often nibbled on.
  • Cotton Rope Perches, which are soft on their feet and are great for them to rest on.
  • Calcium Perches, which provide essential minerals to benefit your cockatiel's health.
  • Sand perches, which keep your cockatiel's nails trimmed (Loki also uses her sand perches to sharpen her beak).

It is important to buy perches of different sizes to maintain the health of your cockatiel's feet.

Other great places for your cockatiel to sit include ladders and swings. Loki has both in her cage. The swing is both practical and fun for your bird. Loki's swing is made of sand, making it great for keeping her nail's trimmed; however, she also uses it as a toy.

Another great place for your cockatiel to sit is on a ladder. These can be placed in the cage in numerous ways, preventing your cockatiel from getting bored. For instance, I change Loki's ladder from being vertical to being horizontal once a month. Ladders often have bells or other small accessories on them for your bird to enjoy.

Some basic rules to remember when placing perches in your cage include:

  • Do not place perches too closely to the sides of the cage (this gives inadequate space for your bird to move and can cause broken tail feathers).
  • Perches should be thick enough so that your cockatiel's toes do not touch all the way around.
  • Make sure each perch is spaced far enough away from the other perches.
  • Do not overcrowd your cockatiel's cage with perches because too many can interfere with your cockatiel's movements.

Remember there is not one perfect type of perch. Cockatiels will thrive when they are provided a variety of perches. Many pet stores supply a multitude of different types, colors, and brands. So, get out there and find the perfect perches!


  1. Hi- we just bought a cockatiel andpurchased a big cage for him..it also came with bigger perches. Im worried they may be too thick for his feet. I see what you posted about having the claws touching..but is there such thing as too big of a perch? He seems okay but Im still worried a bit thinner perch may be better. My email is Ambrosia992@aol.comt

    1. Too big should not be an issue. Good luck with your new addition!

  2. I just got a cockatiel and it is very loud and when I get at least half a foot away it starts to lunge at me and try to bite me.... I think its trying to bite me...... what do I do

  3. Hi, I got my cockatiel a new swing, but it's kinda thick... probably meant for bigger parrots, but is it ok either way?

  4. can I use a tree in their cage ? like a small maple I have been growing in a pot that is about 2ft tall how ? I have them in a 5ft by 4 ft by 3 ft cage