Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brenda's Birds-The Best Place to Buy Cockatiels in South Florida.

Now that you are ready to buy your cockatiel and know what signs indicate a healthy bird, it is time to pick the right place to purchase your cockatiel. It is very important to buy from a store or breeder that shows genuine concern for birds; conditions should be clean, food and water should be provided, and the cages should be of sufficient size for the birds and should not be overcrowded.

I have found the most awesome bird store EVER in South Florida: Brenda's Birds. They really take excellent care of their birds. Going there is such a fun experience and anytime my boyfriend and I go we spend at least an hour there checking out the different species.
Upon pulling into the parking lot you are immediately greeted by the sound of birds chirping and singing. There is a giant rain tree covering the outdoor section, which includes a small pond. This is where they keep the cockatiels, love birds, parakeets, chickens, doves, quaker parrots, and one white peacock. This outdoor style of caging allows the birds to feel as though they are in their natural habitat. The cages are of perfect size and are not overcrowded. The white peacock and some of the chickens wander the enclosure freely.
Moving under part of the building, but still outside is where the macaws and cockatoos are kept. Once inside there are small cages for baby birds, a plethora of toys, food, and perches. There are many species of finches in the long corridor (Ryan and I bought our two gouldian finches here). Then there is the area where they keep the birds that are boarding.
Me petting the sweetest little Cockatoo; she was boarding.
A Macaw in his very large enclosure.
Brenda's Birds is owned by Bob Turner and his daughter, Brenda. Both have always had a passion for birds. Brenda's Birds has been featured in the popular magazine, "BIRDTALK." It is an extremely reputable store and they take great care of the birds. Bob takes caring for the birds very seriously. "I want to match the right bird to the right person, or family. For instance, a couple with children would do much better with a cockatiel than anything else," Bob said. "And if a person's personality isn't that of a bird owner, than I tell them that, too. I don't want to sell anyone the wrong bird."
This cage is perfect for cockatiels; very well lit and not too crowded.
Brenda's Birds is family owned and was opened in 1994.
I found Loki, but if I were ever to buy another cockatiel I would go to Brenda's Birds. Even if you are not interested in purchasing a bird you should still go check this place out...its that great!
Brenda's Birds is located in Delray Beach at 324 N.E. 3rd Ave.


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    1. Geez, that is too far! But there are plenty of other reputable bird stores to purchase a cockatiel at.

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