Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cuttlebones: The best source of calcium for your cockatiel.

A cuttlebone should always be left in your cockatiel's cage. They are essential to your cockatiel's health because of the calcium they provide.

However, they also have many other health benefits for your bird:

  • They help keep your cockatiel's beak sharp and trimmed.
  • They provide a source of entertainment and activity for your bird.
  • They are extremely valuable for female cockatiels, who need the extra calcium for egg production.

Many female cockatiels will lay unfertilized eggs on their own, even if they have no mate. A lack of calcium can cause egg binding, which can kill your bird.

I provide Loki with a cuttlebone at all times. She uses it frequently to sharpen her beak.

There are many types of cuttlebones available. Make sure to get one that says medium size.

The cuttlebone I have for Loki has a white center and a pink, fruity outside. Many birds like the fruit or honey that is added to cuttlebones as an extra incentive.

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